2 gigs for £2, not bad huh?

Michelle managed to get guestlisted on two gigs tonight. She invited me as her plus one so I instantly jumped in on the deal. The only money I needed was travel money, I had access to a bus pass so I could have went for free, but since I always ran late and didnt like the idea of taking a bus unless its a night bus and I’m forced into it, I thought I might as well took a tube to the location (so thats £2 gone for the rest of the evening).

The first gig was at Bull & Gate, we were to watch Brontosaurus Chorus play, was a pretty chirpy gig. Reminded me alot of Tilly and the Wall. I spent more time checking out the gear though haha, in particular their use of cubase for drums hehe. I really should ignore stuff like that but you know. I saw the photographer who was at White Rose Movement, should really say hello and talk about dslr cameras haha. Though she’d just laugh at my Canon 400d hehe.

After the gig me and Michelle left to see TCTC at Koko, we didnt get a chance to say hi to Matt but I’m sure he was pretty busy that time. So yeah, off to Camden Town. I had no idea about the other bands who were playing, probably NME endorsed bands for fans of NME type music. We took a bus there and already saw a massive line for the gig. The people going to the gig looked like twats, most of them reminded me of the people in Nathan Barely, only worse because they’re right in front of you. One boy in particular really needed a punch in the face, he sported some proper emo clothing, wore a stupid tight jeans and a tight pink top that made him look like a cock, and lets not forget to top it off with stupid hair and some crappy glasses. *shudders*
Thankfully the queue we were waiting for were filled with slightly more mature people, though you still get the occasional knobs. We managed to get slightly nicer guestlist tickets, they were “Directors Box” tickets, which was basically a private ledge for pass holders only. It was guarded by security and all so it was pretty cool. Most of the gig was spent focusing on things other then the band, we werent really there for them and their music wasn’t too good anyway.

During one of the support band gigs Michelle managed to toss an ice cube into the crowd haha. We initially thought it’d just hit the floor or just hit them somewhere like the shoulders or arms but nooo. It hit some random bald guy RIGHT in the head. We INSTANTLY ducked down as the guy tried to find who did it, it was really funny. Michelle was slightly guilty about that but it was just too funny to feel guilty for haha.

Anyway onto the main attraction, The Cooper Temple Clause. Since they had a new album coming out, about 2 thirds of the songs were from the new album. I’ve had a few listens to the album before the gig and it wasn’t too bad, though they have kinda gone downhill a bit.

Since Didz isnt in the band anymore, Kieran was left to play bass for a couple of songs. It was pretty cute and funny at the same time (funny in the sense at how interchangeable the band members are). At one point Ben went over to him and said something, I imagined it was something like “How’re you doing with the bass there? you ok?” hehe.

Halfway during the gig some photographer just barged in between me and Michelle so he could take photos of the gig. Was pretty rude, though I get the feeling some of the bitterness was based on the fact that he owned a decent dslr camera haha. His photos looked pretty good as well. Though I’m guessing not as good as the photo pit people.

Someday I’ll be in the photo pit (hopefully Howling Bells hah) and making people feel jealous haha. I should make my own company and try and blag for photo passes every time hehe. The sound was pretty bad, at one point the volume just randomly went down and back up again. I think the sound techs for the venue messed the thing up pretty badly. They tried their best I guess hehe.

The show ended in some panzer attack action. Was a bit weird at the beginning but eventually jumped into some proper moshing action haha. Notice how Tom had to take off his jacket because he was really into it hehe (I think someone threw his jacket back at him, Airplane style).

Anyhow, I really enjoyed both of the gigs, was good that I only spent £2 on travel to see the gigs. We left the building as soon as the band finished. Michelle booked a cab back home (15 minute journey, lucky) whilst I waited for the night buses.

This was probably one of the most painful experiences in night busing I’ve ever experienced. The amount of waiting was ungodly. I think I waited for an hour for the bus I needed to board, but that bus didnt even turn up so I just took a N31 to somewhere like Chelsea so I can hopefully find another bus there. Bad thing about taking night buses is when you go to ones where you havent taken before, you get really nervous and scared that you’ve took the wrong one and when to actually stop. At one point I thought I was going to Brent Cross! I tried surfing the n70 phone to keep my motivation up, but msn didnt seem to function that well, was a bit of a waste of £1.
Eventually things got a bit better and I arrived at Fulham, to catch a 14 bus and then a 93. I bought some cookies for the journey as I was getting pretty hungry. Eventually the 14 bus came (waited for about 10 minutes) and I was in Putney to wait for my last bus back home (could have walked but waiting for a 93 was cooler).

During the long wait, I decided to just take some photos of the surroundings. One in particular was at Putney Bridge

I tried using the rule of thirds to compose the image, hence the 3 lights and reflections. I already tried it on the lamp post

Was quite a fun lamp post, and afterwards I took some long exposure shots of traffic, I liked this one quite alot

All the photography kept my mind off the fact that I was outside at 4am. The 93 eventually arrived and I got home safelty woo! Really tiring journey, why do people party so late? Ah well, least it was for free and I did get to take some cool photos.

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