Chelsea Foundation Art Exhibition

Today was quite an exciting day, had loads of stuff planned including art exhibitions and gigs. I’ll write the gig in a separate section. But yeah, was invited to an art exhibition that was filled with artwork from foundation students, some weren’t bad, some were pretentious and dire. I have my weird conditions and expectations on something that’s good art, it should either make you think, or wow you by how immense the piece of art work is, having both is grand too haha. But yeah, most of them DID make me think… but in the wrong way, most of the time I kept asking what their logical intervention was for the piece. Some are just blatant day care centre products haha. Art is kind of like a 60 paged report, you should be able to sum everything up in an Executive Summary so you should be able to sum up an idea or thought at a glance, not 20 with the aid of asking the artist or whatever, those who don’t stand up by themselves are merely illustrations or just ideas. But yeah, thats my opinion in art anyway. Skills or something that makes you think (the good kind of think), everything is subjected to different opinions so why not embrace your own one etc.

Here’s some lovely photos I took of them.

Some large shots, only large so you can see the hardcore depth of field haha

This one I dont like, but the photo I do haha.

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