Wine tasting and impromptu CSS gig

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My friend Michelle updated her facebook status asking whether anyone wanted to see CSS tomorrow (tomorrow being the 8th of October). I knew that it was wine tasting evening for me but who could turned down for a free gig? Not much thought was put into deciding whether I could go (that’s the beauty of living in London, impromptu spontaneous gigs you can just leave and go to at any time of the day). So i instantly replied and that was that (thanks Michelle!), the condition however was that I needed to find a girl to go with since the guestlist was under her name and she couldn’t go tonight (I suppose I could of put on a wig and an elegant colourful dress but I doubt I’d be convincing). Her first pick for a female replacement was Silvie so she contacted her but during the interim of it all, I went slightly crazy in terms of contacting everyone I know who was a female living in London in case Silvie wasn’t able to go.

It was a crazy search and I scoured the entire interweb and phonebook for people who’d be interested in going, all to no avail. People were either busy or just couldn’t go in such short notice (boo!). Man I need more London female friends who can goto gigs on a whim! I was actually more worried about this than the fact that I’ve clashed a gig with wine tasting (simple solution of going to the first half and leaving drunk was the plan). Eventually I asked Michelle to forward me the guestlist email so I can do some careful HTML editing on it and print it out so it looked like it wasn’t forwarded to me to show folks that I had genuine proof that Michelle “actually” printed the thing for me to take to the gig. My hopes were to either find someone in the queue/street (prefibly not a female hobo) and go in with them or simply just tell them the truth and hope they’re nice enough to give me the pass. Once all the organising was done it was time for wine tasting (nom).

Mmm petrol

Mmm petrol

This was the first wine tasting experience so it was all new to me, now I’ll be honest and admit that I honestly know very little about wine. I’m still young(?) and hardly drink when I go out, leaving my knowledge of grapes, vintage and whatever very limited. I tend to just drink whatever is offered like most students and young adults. It was nice attending the wine tasting session since I was actually able to learn a thing or two at the same time as drinking (only the best combination of things to do simultaneously). The introduction to the wine tasting was very brief but useful and informative. It turned out more interesting than what I originally imagined it to be (and I was prepared to make it fun by seeing how far I can spit wine into the spittoon).
The wine tasting was a blind tasting session, this meant that the bottles were covered up (in tin foil) so you weren’t able to make any biased responses to the wine. Things are more fair and you dont go “mmm excellent wine” because it’s old or expensive. We also played a game during the session where we had to discuss among teams on what kind of wine it was, what year it was made, the alcohol content and whether it was new world or old world wine. There were 8 samples to try out, 4 whites and 4 reds, they were grouped into pairs (1a, 1b, 2a, 2b etc) so we had 4 rounds of wine guessing.

“2b tastes like Petrol”

The first round was pretty much the only real round I had, the two samples were quite a juxtaposition. One was dull and bland whilst the other was fruity and “out there”. It was nice being able to taste the difference (because usually you’re just drinking wine in a monotonous way that you never get the chance to differ the taste with something else, and by the time you’re on a different wine, your memory of the previous wine is most likely gone.) There was a spittoon (a plastic bin) for those who didn’t want to get drunk, initially I was contemplating spitting instead of swollowing (insert spit and swallow jokes ladies and gentleman, because we are sensible people here) to make sure I can actually get to the venue sober and able to appreciate the music (and shoot photogramaphy), but I knew I was going soon so I nonetheless played along and drank whatever content was in my glass. The guessing part of the session was pretty fun, even though my team didn’t do too well in guessing, I suppose it was better than just standing there downing drinks and going “yup, it’s good”.

“You better get your move on”

I could feel myself getting tipsy after 5-6 glasses of wine (we had some pre wine tasting wine to lighten up a bit). During the session Michelle called me up telling me Silvie was able to make it (yay) since the concert she was going to costs £20 (instead of her initial assumption of a fiver) and she could easily catch that another time. Free gigs are always cooler than paid gigs. Victory! I must say, I felt slightly bad for asking people who never got back to me on time but yeah, it was really a first come first serve thing really. Knowing that made me feel pretty relaxed so at around 7.10pm I said goodbye to my wine tasting team and left during the second round of wine. I never really got round to the red wines unfortunately and the funnier thing was that I made sure I didn’t leave with my wine glass still full. I took a quick gulp at the two glasses remaining (no savouring involved) and left the building feeling tipsy to my next destination, Koko. Just a quick thing, 2a tasted nice and sweet like 1a whilst 2b tastes like petrol! Fortunately I didn’t know what 2b was.

Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Music is my hot hot sex: Red LovefoxxCansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Peekaboo!

More about this event, it was a competition only event, sponsored by the good folks at Microsoft, I think it involved submitting what people thought their ideal gig would be and then some organisers would pick the one most awesome (and cheap at the same time) and then a gig would be made out of it to the competition winner. Once the lineup was announced people would simply send an email to the kind folks of Koko in which their name were added to the setlist and all. Pretty simple really, the most important part was that it was nice and free (with the subtle hint that you should GO BUY AN XBOX 360!). During the transit I began sobering up by trying to read. The fortunate thing for me is that my metabolism rate is still at an ungodly rate (even had that measured during my health check so yup, high metabolism!) which means I can sober up pretty quickly (as well as become yellow star invinisble to hangovers). Once at the tube station I saw Silvie waiting at the entrance and we said hi and marched towards the lovely venue. I handed Silvie the email and we pretty much went through with no problems arising, this also includes my lovely dslr camera (did I forget to mention I was doing some camera smuggling again?). The folks at Koko were a lot quicker in their searches and the fact that I still looked slightly tipsy probably told the security guy that I really wouldn’t be smuggling anything naughty into the venue.

CSS: Can't touch this

Can't touch this!

We entered the building at 8pm odd, the doors opened at 7pm so we presumed that the front would be packed with raving CSS fans, surprisingly that wasn’t the case, it was only me and Silvie at the front. We claimed our lovely spots and chillaxed until the bands came out. I told her about my wine tasting experience whilst Silvie explained about the concert she was originally going to and why she didn’t want to spend £20 on it at the end hehe. I never really spoke to Silvie before since usually I see her with Michelle and I talk to Michelle most of that time. We had a talk about work, writing, photography and about Michelle (and how amazing she is). Music was pumping at a loud decibal which meant you had to raise your voice in order to get through, I’m never a fan of that and felt my throat straining a bit. I got some tap water to drink (and water down the alcohol) and had about several toilet breaks. When CSS were on, I was pretty much sobered up.

The gig was pretty awesome, I don’t think the setlist was as big as the one on shepherds bush but the sound was much better here. Today Lovefoxx donned a geisha looking hairdo and wore a 60’s jacket. The setlist was very similiar to the Shepherds bush one with a few songs taken off (curfew and whatnot I guess). There was only one security guard for this event, he didn’t like the photography people! He told them they weren’t allowed to use flash which was pretty lame. Reason for that was though the lights were amazing, most of them were lighting the background, Lovefoxx was pretty much in the dark all the time (pretty much like Shepherds Bush). This meant that there were only a restricted amount of times where taking photos of her was feasible. I didn’t take too much photos this time since I already had a batch of photos from the previous gig. I also took a quick video of them doing Music is my hot hot sex, so enjoy that

Once again I was being ninja-like about it all and only took photos when the photographers were blocking the security guard’s view from me. It worked pretty well and I was able to shoot a few shots when he was looking at me (I think he didn’t care about my camera to be honest). The guard gave that same look that makes you think he KNOWS you’re doing something wrong and that he’s going to tell you off, but all in all he didn’t do anything so I probably wasted a lot of opportunity taking photos. Not that it mattered too much, I actually spent more time this time enjoying the gig. She’s quite a sight to see, dancing up and down and grooving along to the thumping basslines and beats that included Paris Hilton, Music is My Hot Hot Sex and Let’s make love and Listen to Death from Above. During the gig lovefoxx gave a present to the girl in front of the gig wearing the stripey top, it was a big bag of glitter and sparkly bits and bobs, she threw it all over the the crowd and that was pretty fun (for like 5 seconds). Lovefoxx also handed her a setlist whilst she was in a giving away mood, after that she handed me one too (yay) which i quickly stuffed into my bag and had a fun time unfolding it out of all that gaffa tape in the tube.

Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx

It’s weird seeing them a second time, usually it’s like watching a film a second time round, you know what’s going to happen, how it ends, what they’ll do at certain songs (like approach a guy and talk about what their favorite alcohol is during Alcohol). It’s not the first time I’ve seen a band play twice (or even three times) in a week mind. But I hardly see them play in a different venue for the second or third time. You can start comparing stuff, whether the lighting, sound or “energy” (not of the qi variety) was better. I felt the “energy” wasn’t as epic as the Shepherds Bush gig, the set seemed slightly dumbed down (less balloons for one) and we weren’t given colourful balloons and bottles of bubble blowers to decorate the stage. Lovefoxx didn’t do much human interaction during the show either (I make her sound like a web interface), no stage diving or anything whatsoever (exclude the present bit). They were either tired from the previous night or wasn’t bothered to put too much energy in a corperate sponsored event (though they didn’t mind receiving those lovely xbox 360’s, curtosy of Microsoft). Not to say that it was a dead gig, it was still vibrant and jumpy as ever, just less?

Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx

Though little could be said for the girl on my right, I shall call her “Ellie” the blonde depressing goth. All she did was stand there looking apathetic the entire time, it was quite a juxtaposition seeing so many lively people in the venue dancing and singing before the gig whilst she just stood there looking moody and emo/”emotional”. The best bit was when the bassist pointed her drum stick (for playing the cowbell during songs, I know bassists usually dont have drumsticks!) right at her and smiled, hoping to get a reaction (if you did that in Shepherds bush, girls would be screaming in epic proportions!) but she didn’t move a muscle. I looked at the bassist’s reaction to it all, she seemed just as shock as I was for Ellie’s lack of expression. It made me think of why the hell she’s at a gig when all she was doing is standing there and being moody. She could easily stay at home and write faux poetry and recite Robert Smith lyrics. Can we get a “la sigh”?

“Cheer up Ellie, you’re at a damn css gig!”

I really enjoyed the gig, when I heard that they were playing a second time I immediately felt that I needed to go since I wasn’t able to appreciate them as much during Shepherds Bush gig since I was getting worried from those damn security guards. This time I was able to relax and enjoy the gig, I’m also sure the wine made it fun too (granted I was pretty sober when CSS played). The hilarious thing about the show was right near the end, the DJ played some music for people to dance to, including that scat song. People were enjoying themselves whilst I fished a second setlist for the sake of it, upon leaving the DJ suddenlys cuts the track at an abrupt time, instantly the fans flip and boo’s the venue, cries of “WE WANT SCAT” were heard all over the place but that was no longer an issue for me and Silvie, advancing quickly to the exit. At Euston station we said our goodbyes, my trip was better this time but there were nonetheless delays and whatnot. Photo developing till 4am was quite mental. This was the second gig I went to this week and I was defintiely feeling myself growing tired and exhausted from lack of rest, ah well, I don’t regret going though :). You never really should regret going to see and do loads of things in the evening, even if it leaves you tired of being sexy (because that’s a good thing). Thank you so much Michelle for supplying the guestlist action and a big warm thank you (usually it’s welcome but thank you’s can be warm too if you heat it up long enough) to Silvie for accompanying me to the gig and keeping me entertained 🙂

Cansei de ser Sexy: Look up and cheer up sunshine (+ animation) Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Music is my hot hot sex: Red Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Peekaboo! Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx BW Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx Cansei de ser Sexy: Lovefoxx CSS: Can't touch this

Enjoy some more photos!

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  1. Silvia says:

    You’re so very welcome! It was a fun night, I really enjoyed the gig despite not knowing CSS at all, basically. Thanks Michelle! 😀 Last minute gigs are the best, and it was good to finally have a chat 🙂 Oh, and I had noticed the girl next to you as well and I’m 100% sure I saw her at Koko before, it was a Does it offend you, yeah? gig in August last year. I clearly remember her for the same reason – she just stood there still all the time, looking bored. Ah well!

  2. Michelle says:

    Ah, you’re more than welcome. I’m glad you both had a good night! Hopefully, I’ll get to see CSS one day. I’d like to see Jon Harper in action – although, I suppose it will be strange to see him with a different band. So, so sad.

  3. audrey says:

    I was at the wine tasting and enjoyed drinking the petrol served.

  4. crazybobbles says:

    Indeed you were, i missed out on all the red 🙁

  5. […] get Silvia to come with me and woo, was able to smuggle the DSLR whilst slightly tipsy. Was glad I saw CSS once again because I felt the other gig wasn’t enough. Chuckled at the fact that the band gets free […]

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