Bishop Allen at Bardens Boudoir

Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen playing a nice cosy gig at Bardens Boudoir, the stage was nice and low and the band were in a grabable distance (not that you would mind).

Man these reviews aren’t really reviews, guess I just need to mention that they existed rather than never mentioning them. The band looked pretty cosy in that ickle stage. they played quite a lot of stuff from their sophomore album, but managed to throw in a couple of old tracks including Butterfly Nets, here’s the video in action:

Bishop Allen (127/365)
The lights were quite quirky, we spent the entire evening trying to master the pattern, it felt random at times but there definitely was a pattern haha. Here’s a few more videos, i was uuber close to them so its very in yo face:

Bishop Allen
The sound was pretty amazing and the venue really brought the fans closer to them. Makes me want to see more shows at the venue if it wasn’t located out of nowhere. Here’s a video of Clk Clk Clk Clk Clk, note how the end i accidentally click on the camera :$

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