Au Revoir Simone at Bush Hall

Au Revoir Simone at Bush Hall (126/365)

Keyboard smashing, disco making Au Revoir Simone played an awesome sold out show at the Bush Hall. Quite a tantalising set from the 3 beautiful and friendly ladies who just got back from touring Sweden.
Still slightly adjusting to speaking to English folk, Au Revoir Simone tell the crowd that it has been a while since they’ve played in front of an English speaking crowd. They were super friendly before and after the show making you feel like you’ve known them forever and it was a super surprise to see them play here.

Au Revoir Simone at Bush Hall
The stage was set pretty high, and with all the gear surrounding them you kinda felt like they were in a castle casting out music to the townspeople, at times it became a bit of a disconnect due to the vertical difference. They played a mixture of new and old songs from their sophomore (YES) and freshman (haha freshman) album. Here’s a video of another likely story:

Mmm synths, it was funny when they were talking about how they fixed one of their synths with the magics of gaffa tape only to have it fall over later on the evening. Here’s another video of them playing take me as I am (I believe Anika jabbed me a few times to record this)

I really enjoyed the evening, they were just SO friendly, even before the show they were engaging with the crowd.

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